All About You!

What kind of information is exchanged when you visit a webpage? How does a business get a banner ad in your Facebook news feed after visiting their website? I can't give you all the details but I cant point you in the right direction.

When you visit a website you disclose a certain amount of information right out of the gate. It's not incredibly special, personal, or precise at this point, but it does create a starting point to build from.

Your Information

  1. ? Your IP:
    This is your online ID. It comes from whatever router you are going through to visit the website
  2. ? Your Country: US
    This is based on the IP. It may or may not be correct.
  3. ? Your City: Ashburn
    This is also derived from your IP and I have found it's usually doesn't indicate where I acually am.
  4. ? Your Device Type: desktop
    This is a best guess based on the info your browser sent. It can be spoofed.

Submit a Form

So what happens if you create an account or submit a form?

To be continued...

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